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Northern Islands

Breathtaking, enchanting, and glamorous


Indulge in an experience between historical ancient places with a mix of modernized structures behind the beaches that surround the northern islands of Croatia.


Unwind in the cities and untouched islands along the beautiful glimmering shores and blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is an exciting venue to explore and one of the best charter destinations.

Enwrap with a number of islands, having its unique and stunning beauty and charm, the northern islands of Croatia are enticing and a great spot for a cultural adventure and nautical fun activities. The northern islands are a perfect venue for amazing discoveries of the places on earth and it is an unmissable destination in Croatia. Around the islands are the paradisiacal destinations for deserted lagoons, crystal clear water, and pine-covered vistas. With plenty of various activities and tourist spots, guests will no doubt feel bewildered with choices on numerous islands, cities, national parks, and beaches to be discovered and wander for many picturesque corners and medieval ports.


Beyond the beaches surrounding the islands rest spectacular and breathtaking inland adventures like different museums to visit, national parks that will impress the guests with their natural beauty, luxury hotels and beach club to stay in, the trail to get hike with, romantic structures with a mixture of glamorous nature scenery, and a lot more to enjoy with the site attractions of what does the northern islands bring. The lovely climate, stunning blue clear skies, and diverse flora make it a famous yacht charter destination most especially in the summer season. Begin your adventure by exploring the perfectly-preserved historic Old Town centre wherein you can find the elegant 15th and 16th-century architecture, along with the numerous attractions worth visiting. There are UNESCO World Heritage sites you can find on the islands such as the finest churches and buildings that lie behinds the seashores of the northern islands of Croatia. Delight oneself in an unforgettable journey while visiting the amusing, alluring, enchanting, and amazing nature and structures of Croatia.

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