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Ionian Islands

Uncover the most fascinating, intriguing and magical islands in Greece

The Ionian island becomes the irresistible and enticing destination for a captivating yacht charter in the Grecian Sea. It composes of seven stunning islands namely Cephalonia, Corfu, Ithaki, Kythira, Lefkada, Paxi, and Zakinthos which bring different characteristics and trilling to the tourists. One will witness the natural beauty and uniqueness that only eyes can capture.

The island of Ionian was influenced by British and French culture. It projects their traditions, architecture, and atmosphere including the Homeric epics and myths. On the west coast of the mainland lies the Grecian sun which attracts visitors with its beautiful eye-catching view. Generally, the island is less windy than the Aegean islands which are perfect for sunbathing, beach activity and water sports. It is surely the best yacht destination.

Each island of Ionian obtains different cultures, traditions, beauty, and adventure. Bring the light while unwrapping the secret of the following islands of Ionian.


The exotic Cephalonia island is the largest and one of the most famous Greek islands of the Ionian group. The island is perfect for sun worshippers and nature lovers. It has a breathtaking natural landscape with exotic beaches, panoramic fishing villages, and fantastic underground caves. Be entertained with exciting activities along the beaches with dazzling sand. In Cephalonia Greece, you will find paradise!



In the northern part of the Ionian Islands lies Corfu, covered with hidden treasures, natural wonders of magical caves, romantic towns, quaint anchorages, and beautiful beaches. In the islands’ capital of Corfu Town, guests will find an abundance of picture-perfect harbours, quaint anchorages, and romantic town squares. For those intrigued by Greece’s eventful history, there are many possibilities beyond the capital to admire the remnants of the past world.


Ithaki is a home to Homer’s Odysseus which is made up of unparalleled opulence. The island is believed to be considered as a diamond with its charming and seductive elegance. Dive in the crystal-clear water of Ithaki beaches, achieve the wide and breathtaking view upon trekking paths, eat fresh fish and seafood of Vathy, and feel the warm ambience while chatting with the hospitable, kind, and friendly locals.



Kythira Greece is a beautiful island located in the southern part of the Peloponnese. The island's architecture is strongly influenced by the Venetians. Chora, the delightful capital of the island boasts an incredible view of the Aegean Sea, the best spot for sunset gazing. The island surrounds by cliff-top villages, abandoned places, hidden beaches, and monasteries. One experience you need to have during your stay at Kythira is a stroll around the ghost village of Paleochora and followed by a plunge at the beach of Lagada below. Kythira Greece is an island that never failed to attract tourist.



Lefkada is one of the best breathtaking Greek islands. It is the heart of the Ionian Sea that is connected to the mainland with small bridges. The sandy shrine with mesmerizing turquoise waters surrounded by wild nature and amazing beaches make the Lefkada wildly famous among its beaches. Waters sports are a must in Lefkfada like windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, and other beach-related activities. Lefkada is an absolute dream destination for those who love exotic islands.



Paxi is well-known to the Greeks for its unique landscape oozing a discrete worldwide glamour every summer. It has emerald water ideal for swimming. Paxi is a small island yet it consists of three villages that are made up of traditional houses, beautiful front beaches, and colorful surroundings. Paxi is shaping up to be one of the hottest destinations on the Greek islands.



Zakynthos Greece is sitting in the heart of the mesmerizing Ionian Sea. It reveals a wonderful natural landscape and magical sugar-fine sand beaches and turquoise water. Its beaches are home to the endangered sea turtle species Caretta wherein they lay eggs during spring and summer. Another experience on the island that is a must is also the crazy nightlife. Be in the closest paradise on earth herein Zakynthos.

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