Karaada is only 2 nautical miles south of Bodrum. The island looks like a mountain and some parts of it are covered with forests. The yachts going on daily tours from Bodrum generally visit this island and since Bodrum is not far. many people who windsurf also go thew, there is a lovely old church and hot water springs in Karaada. The average water temperature of the hot springs is 29-32 C. There is sodium chloride in the water which comes out of a cave on the island. It cures skin diseases and makes the skin even more beautiful. That's why the mud in the bottom of the water spring is called "beauty mud". Many people use this mud to make their skin beautiful. At the opening of the water source, there is a small pool for bathing.

There is a hotel in the North of Karaada, and this hot water spring is just near it. There is a nice sandy bottom to the spring. Anchoring is possible in 6-8 m there. The island is also big, and it hides many secrets. With a boat or gulet, you can see an array of different coves around Karaada. You can also discover many hidden structures on the island itself.

Orak Island

Orak Island is found in the Gulf of Gokova and is only a very short distance from Bodrum. It is a very well-known diving spot in the area, and you will find most day boats, as well as any gulet cruise, will always anchor down here for a swim. The island’s surroundings are described as like swimming in an aquarium, it is that beautiful.
Orak Island on the coastline of the Gulf of Gokova has some magnificent attractions and is among the most popular diving destinations in the whole of Turkey. The sloping hills of the island are covered with olive trees and produce some pleasant scenery for hiking and trekking. The east and the west ports of the island are the most suitable anchoring locations depending on which way the wind is blowing. The water here is crystal clear and very clean which makes it a perfect spot to do some swimming and snorkelling. There are some top-quality hotels and restaurants in the sheltered bays of the surrounding area to make your stay seamlessly enjoyable.

But most importantly the island is a heaven for the light and deep-sea divers. What makes diving here so special is the vertical reef wall on the seabed that goes down nearly 80 meters, producing some extraordinary underwater scenery. The incredibly beautiful underwater topography makes it among the most memorable diving experiences to be found in Turkey.

Çöketme Bay

Çökertme Bay is in the Gulf of Gokova and is a popular stop for a gulet cruise in Turkey. Located between Kepce Burun and Karaburun. It is a sheltered bay, lined with pine trees and olive trees and, therefore, a popular stop for gulet cruises in Turkey. Boats can be anchored off in 5-10 meters with a line ashore or pushed off if it is not packed. Çökertme beachside is on the eastern part where there are restaurants with piers. The restaurants offering delicious local cuisine to tourists at very reasonable rates.


Çökertme still carries some of the charm being fishing and carpet-weaving village. There are carpet and kilim stands in the village.

Çökertme is subject to a heritage conservation programme, to preserve its identity

Akbuk Bay

Akbuk bay is one of the most unique and indispensable holiday regions of Gokova Bay. It is a corner with its silence, calmness and clean waters.

The bay lies north of the Gulf of Gökova. Situated among the mountains, covered with forests, Akbuk bay is a good shelter from the wind.  There is a small pier and several restaurants. . You can visit the ancient city of Karia and the ruins of Keramos in Akbük, which is one of the beautiful bays of Muğla.

Çökertme is subject to a heritage conservation programme, to preserve its identity


The small town of Akyaka, in south-western Turkey, is situated on the Azmak, the name of a short but deep stream that joins the sea in Akyaka. Formed by mountain springs, it extends approximately two miles from East to West. Due to its depth, it has a wealth of underwater fauna. Perfect for scuba diving and daily boat trips. The water is often icy cold and slightly brackish, the salt coming from the sea across the marsh. Watercress, purslane and celery thrive in Azmak and the restaurants along water use the local produce in many dishes.

The town has a lot to offer foodies, nature lovers and architecture buffs. The river and a wetland conservation area form a picturesque eastern boundary. Protected forests lie to the north and west, with mountains beyond. Upper Akyaka is the working part of town, with a small market, fishmonger, butcher and baker, and Turkish coffee houses.

Karaca Söğüt Bay

Karaca Söğüt is a wonderful bay. The forests hug the sea and everywhere is full of rhododendrons. The mountains there are covered with pine trees. and there is a styrax forest close to the shore, The trees in this forest are quite wild and unusual. This bay is situated in the South of Karaca Adası which can easily be seen in the distance. When entering between the island and the mainland, it is very easy to approach the bay.

There are quays in the South and Southwest of the bay, and mooring is possible to bow stern, As an alternative, it is also possible to in the Western part of the bay. The sea rapidly gets shallow towards the show. It is possible to anchor in 15-20 m, Depths around the quays are about 2-10 m.

This bay is quite beautiful, and it provides all-around shelter. Yachts can even winter here, It is worthwhile to eat at the restaurants and take a walk there. The scenery from the hills is very impressive.

English Harbour

This bay is inside Degirmen Buku and about I nautical mile West of Sogut harbour. It is protected from all winds. Anchoring is possible in the middle of the bay, in 6-7 m. As the bottom is mud, it provides good holding. English Harbour took its name from the English Torpedo Boats hiding there during World War ll. This bay, which seems like an estuary than a bay, is a good hiding place.

There are rare trees on the Southern pact and pine trees on the hills. It has a lovely view and it is well seeing
Being as quiet as a lake, this harbour is a suitable anchorage for yachts. Not even the fish farm or the small restaurant ashore can disturb the silence here.

You can enjoy peaceful quality time with your friends or family, having fun with water sports. The area is safe, protected from winds so always calm, peaceful, and tranquil.

Tuzla Bay

The charming fisherman's village of Tuzla has become famous for its restaurants, and especially its seafood that is invariably caught the same day as it is served. Some of the locals are also farmers or manage tree nurseries; others are beekeepers.


The shallow water attracts Wading birds are attracted by the shallow waters and there is other wildlife as well. It is an area of tremendous beauty that deserves everyone’s time.

Seven Islands

The seven islands located between the Cape Teke Burnu and Taneli Burnu are among the many superb boat trip destinations in Turkey. Among the seven islands three are located on the north and the other four are located on the northeast and southwest of the Gulf.  The beautiful little outlets and areas in between the islands make for an idyllic setting to anchor down and explore. You may choose to just go for a swim or snorkel along the shores or take your walking shoes with you to go for a wander on the islands. One of the islands known as Kufre is well worth swimming over and wandering along its pine-clad shores to look for the hidden houses within the forest. No matter where you anchor along with this little outlet you will not be disappointed.

The natural scenery of the area is quite breathtaking and charming. You can spend your whole day laying on the boat just looking at the pine forests by the hill slopes or the rocky walls of the nearby cliffs. You can also take a walk along the coast. A walk on the high grounds of the coastline makes it possible to gain a panoramic view of the islands.